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Traditional Man’s Costume from La Armuña

Traje de hombre. La Armuña, Salamanca Pulse para ampliar

Man’s Costume. La Armuña, Salamanca

Waistcoat in white cotton piqué with a square neck, trimmed in black around the neck area and on the side, visible when closed. The front is decorated with a bouquet formed by applying different coloured chenille threads and sequins and a strip of metallic braiding on the opposite side to the clasp. It closes on one side, with seven scalloped eyelets for the silver filigree buttons and their corresponding seven button-holes, also trimmed in black. The stitching of the princess seam and back is covered with a braid applied in a wave pattern.

Inventory: MT-007285-91


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  • SUBÍAS GALTER, Juan. El arte popular en España. 1948. 445 610, nº 374, photograph; Man’s costume, from La Armuña (Segovia), kept in the Museo del Pueblo Español de Madrid. The waistcoat and sash shine out from beneath the short jacket; the sash is embroidered to perfection with coloured silk flowers, leaves, stems and birds that stand out for their remarkable fluidity; an extraordinary adornment, on which the birds face each other over an evocation of the Tree of Life; all in golden tones and sequins. The theme is framed in a purple border, within which the golds, greens and blues are predominant.