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Casaquin Jacket, c. 1730-1740

Casaca, ca. 1730-1740 Pulse para ampliar

Rococo. Fabric France 1720-30, Made in Spain: 1730-40.

Brocaded silk with a green background and golden flowers. Square neckline, very open on the sides and closed in front with eyelets in the lining, hidden by the brocade. The garment is made up of four pieces, two at the front and two at the back, and these in turn are composed of two body pieces and skirts. The generous flare of the latter is rendered more prnounced by the side pleats that begin at a button with a wooden core lined with metallic strips held together with metal chord. The back with a central seam lengthens into a pronounced v. There were two ribs to the left and right of the central seam. The back skirts leave a rear opening. The left, front skirt is decorated with a purse pocket sewn on top with rounded edges. The three-quarter sleeves with a shaped elbow is completed with considerable cuffs in a triangular shape and rounded outlines. The lining is made of silk taffeta.

Juan de Albayzeta in his book of patterns dated 1720 offers us a number of female casaquin patterns showing the structural characteristics of these garments. The voluminous cuffs are known in Spain as “boot cuffs”.

Inventory: MT-000619