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Traje de Vistas Costume from Alberca

Traje de vistas de la Alberca Pulse para ampliar

At present, the traje de vistas can be viewed on certain days in La Alberca (Salamanca), but particularly on two occasions: the Corpus Christi procession and the days of “diagosto” that celebrate the feast of our lady of the Assumption which takes place on August 15th and 16th.

"The traje de vistas which was originally a wedding dress, has gone on to become a core element of the Alberca feast days, used to embellish processions and offertories. The model currently used forms part of a set of garments used for the different moments in the complete wedding rite, this model corresponded to the moment the bride left the church. The model that was used inside the church has been lost, though some references and old photos of it do exist, showing it to have been quite similar to the current costume but with a large shawl or Vistas mantle, in cloth, worn over the head and with a similar symbolic organization to that of the still intact Lagartera costume.

The most unique aspect of the Traje de Vistas is undoubtedly its jewellery, made up mainly of coral and silver, which includes relics, discs, medals, crucifixes and all sorts of amulets. The total weight of this collection is almost 10 kilogrammes. It exudes religious symbolism and elements to protect against evil, misfortune or disease."

Inventory: MT-064676-85


Rodríguez Menéndez, Juan Antonio. Traje de vistas costume from La Alberca. Model of the Month, April 2004 Nueva ventanaMuseo del Traje. Ministerio de Cultura