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Audio-visual Collection

The sheer volume and number of pieces in the audio-visual collection of the Museo del Traje Library mean it constitutes a specialised archive of enormous historical and documentary value on Spanish culture, history and ethnography.

It was created in 1934. The founding document of the Museo del Pueblo Español provided for the creation of a “folkloric archive in which to collect, analyse, and classify the files on the traditions, superstitions, legends, songs and literary and musical manifestations of the true knowledge…”.

Over the years, first as the Museo del Pueblo Español and later as the Museo Nacional de Antropología, the collection has grown, collecting not only the most traditional aspects of our culture, but also a musical and audio-visual memory of our times.

The collection is currently being completed with titles documenting the evolution of costume and fashion through the acquisition of films, documentaries and other viedographic materials on the Museo’s current collection.

  • Sound recordingsSalto de línea Salto de línea It includes over 6500 units in different formats: LP, phonograph records, cassette tapes and CD. A digitalisation process is currently being carried out to facilitate CD and DVD consultation.

  • Audio-visual RecordingsSalto de línea Salto de línea It has almost 2200 units in different formats: U-MATIC, VHS and DVDAl and as with the sound recordings, a digitalisation process is underway to enable consultation on DVD.