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History of The Sorolla Museum Foundation

Retrato de Clotilde

The Sorolla Museum Foundation was created after the artist’s widow, Clotilde García del Castillo, bequeathed to the Spanish State in her will in 1925 ‘the pictures, notes and drawings’ by Joaquín Sorolla that belonged to her, as well as the family home and the objets d'art in it, for the creation of a museum in memory of her husband.

The Foundation has been a separate legal entity from the Museum since 1993, although it continues to have its office in the Museum and works closely with it.

According to the Foundation Bylaws:

  • The ‘Sorolla Museum’ Foundation is a non-profit Private Cultural Foundation whose heritage shall be allocated for a lasting period of time to the carrying out of the general interest objectives described in Article 3 of its Bylaws.
  • The Foundation’s registered office is in the Sorolla Museum, General Martínez Campos no. 37, in the municipal district of Madrid.