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The Foundation’s Collections

Joaquín Sorolla García en el Museo

The collections of the Sorolla Museum Foundation are largely made up of the legacy of Joaquín Sorolla García, son of the painter and first Director of the Museum.

In 1941, Joaquín wrote a will declaring the private charitable Sorolla Museum Foundation his sole and universal heir for all of his assets. These included 194 paintings and notes made by Joaquín Sorolla Bastida, in addition to his furniture. The paintings owned by the Foundation include some of the most important pieces in the Museum, such as Paseo a orillas del mar and La siesta.

As well as the assets bequeathed by Joaquín Sorolla García, other items were generously donated to the Foundation by various descendants of the Sorolla family, adding to its heritage and continuing the altruistic work of the founders.

Items relating to the painter donated by the Sorolla family to the Sorolla Museum Foundation include

• a collection of drawings by Joaquín Sorolla Bastida;Salto de línea • the death mask of Joaquín Sorolla;Salto de línea • traditional clothing items collected by Joaquín Sorolla Bastida for the commission to decorate the Hispanic Society;Salto de línea • and a series of sculptures by Elena Sorolla García.Salto de línea The Foundation collections are deposited at the Sorolla Museum on long-term loan, under the same conditions as those belonging to the Museum.