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Detalle de una de vitrina en el taller del pintor

The Sorolla Museum library specialises in the figure of Joaquin Sorolla, and also includes numerous books on painting decorative art, museum collections and museum studies, and other fields. It contains over 10,000 volumes, including approximately 1000 in the antiquarian collection, and another 1000 periodicals.

A large part of the antiquarian book collection belonged to Sorolla and his family. Some of these remain in their original location and are a part of the permanent exhibition. Visitors can view the titles to discover some of the artist’s literary and artistic interests.

Requests for consultation should be sent through the following Contact Form Nueva ventana

The library is open Monday to Friday mornings to both museum staff and external researchers upon request.

This is not a lending library. The collections are provided by the museum's technical staff for consultation in the library's reading room.



Calle Zurbano no. 68, 1st floor (offices) 28010, Madrid.

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Calle Zurbano nº 68, 1ª planta (oficinas)Salto de línea 28010, Madrid.

Teléfono: 910689081 y 913543782 (Atención teléfonica de L-V 9:00-14:00) e-mail