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The Sorolla Museum is in the midst of a strategic shift of the highest order: the architectural expansion and rehabilitation of the Museum. It is a project that may seem merely constructive, but goes far beyond, since the scope of this action will completely transform it.

Once rehabilitation work at the Museum is complete, it will no longer be the same. In other words, it will maintain its original essence and soul—the Sorolla Home—but its personality will be simultaneously enriched. The new spaces will allow the Museum to offer novel services and greater possibilities for enjoyment. A broader and more varied program of exhibitions and cultural activities with new perspectives, but always incorporating Sorolla into the institution’s DNA.

Likewise, under the banner “Sorolla Museum: closing doors, expanding horizons”, an extensive communications campaign will be carried out, providing information and updates on the progress of expansion and rehabilitation work at the institution through its web page and on social media.

The expansion and rehabilitation of the Sorolla Museum-Ministry of Culture Nueva ventana

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Alzado del Museo Sorolla y su local de ampliación

From an architectural perspective, the expansion project will provide the institution with spaces and services that it is currently lacking. The new expanded space (more than 2,000 square meters of expansion area) is located adjacent to the current Museum.

Likewise, given its wear and obsolescence, the historic building—the Sorolla Home and Museum—requires a complete architectural and installations rehabilitation. This will allow for the original spaces comprising the Sorolla Home and the painter’s studio to continue to serve as exhibition spaces.

The rehabilitation of the building intends to restore historic elements of the Sorolla Home, renew installations, and incorporate environmental control systems in all areas where cultural heritage assets will be on display in order to ensure better conservation while preserving the original character and architecture of said spaces.

Lastly, the Sorolla Museum is not currently accessible to persons with reduced mobility or physical disabilities. It is therefore necessary to provide the institution with adequate accessibility conditions in order to attend to the constant demands for accessibility made by visitors both at the Sorolla Home and the expansion.