Room 3

Pared oeste de la sala III del Museo
Pared norte de la sala III del Museo Sorolla
Pared sur de la sala III
Pared este de la sala III del Museo Sorolla

Room III was Sorolla’s studio and is undoubtedly the most impressive and representative space in the museum. It is also one of the best preserved and most complete artist studios that still exist. Sorolla’s original work utensils are on display, and it contains some of the artist's best known works.

The amplitude of this room bathed in natural light, thanks to the presence of large skylights and large windows, the abundance of personal items and work, and the quantity and quality of paintings that hang from the walls, make this area a unique place, frozen in time, where the personality of Sorolla manifests not only in his paintings , but also in an environment, in a space lived.


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