Hall 2

Pared con las obras que representan el veraneo elegante- como "Bajo el toldo, Playa de Zarauz"
Fotografía de la pared sur de la sala II del Museo Sorolla
Pared norte de la sala II del Museo Sorolla
Pared Este de la sala 2
Detalle de la pared oeste de la sala II del Museo Sorolla

Hall II was Sorolla’s office and a sort of exhibition gallery where he would hang his recent works. It retains all of the original furniture and decorative items, and the sofa still has its original upholstery.

Today this room is devoted to portraits family, that constitute a part very important of the production pictorial of Sorolla. This is due to the great affection that professed by his wife Clotilde and their children Maria, Joaquin and Elena, but also because these portraits, free of the commitments of the Commission, were for it a fertile ground for experimentation.

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You can consult or download the information sheet which offers brief explanations about the room, canvases and furniture exhibited in.

Information Sheet Hall II PDF