Room 1

Obras en la sala I: "Mis hijos", "Autorretrato" y "Clotilde con traje de noche"
Obras de la sala I "madre", "Un investigación" y "Después del baño"
Obras en la sala I: "La siesta" y "El baño del caballo"
Obras en la sala I: "Tipos del Roncal"

The Museum is entered via the staircase at the bottom of the garden, which is covered in its entirety with Valencian tiles. This was the entrance for business visitors during Sorolla’s lifetime.

The visit begins in the artist’s studios, three rooms (Halls I, II and III) of a similar architectural layout, with gabled roofs featuring skylights to provide overhead light, and wooden floors. These are painted in dark red, just as they would have been when Sorolla lived there.

Hall I was used as a workshop and storeroom for canvases and frames, and had no decoration. Today, it contains a selection of important canvases representing the different stages in the evolution of the artist’s style, such as My Children, White Slave Trade, Mother, The Horse Bath and The Pink Robe, and serves as an anteroom


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