The Gardens

jardín fachada de la Casa-museo Sorolla
Primer jardín: Fuente
Segundo jardín: escultura del togado
Tercer jardín
Tercer jardín

Access to the Museum is via the Garden, which surrounds the house on both sides. The garden insulates the museum from the noise of the street and visitors see it as a peaceful retreat in which to listen to the murmur of the fountains and inhale the fragrance of the plants. It is divided into three areas: the first garden, inspired by the Troy Garden in the Alcázar of Seville, is arranged around an old marble fountain, with the porch leading to the entrance door of the house during Sorolla’s lifetime as a backdrop.

The second garden, inspired by the Generalife in Granada, is in the neo-Moorish style and has a longitudinal riad framed by jet fountains, with a little pond at the end. The third garden has a pond with a fountain known as the "fountain of the secrets" (because of the sculptures decorating it), and a pleasant pergola under which Sorolla and his family would sit, now used by visitors.

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You can consult or download the information sheet which offers brief explanations about the three gardens surrounding the house of the painter. Information Sheet - Gardens PDF