Ante-room and Dining room

The Area adjoining the dining room is a very cosy space with a window overlooking the first garden. It features a wainscot of tiles made by the Ruiz de Luna factory in Talavera, in the style of Philip II’s rooms in El Escorial. A large glass cabinet houses a collection of gold ceramics. A painting by the Ribera school is the only picture in the Museum not painted by Sorolla himself.

The spacious dining room features door-level white marble wainscot panelling with red trim. The sculptor José Capuz carved some of the sculptural decorations (the legs of the table, the reliefs in the extension that leads to the garden). The lamp, matching the ones in the salon and area adjoining the dining room, is from Tiffany’s. Sorolla decorated this room with a very colourful frieze, in which garlands of fruit are intertwined with portraits of his wife and two daughters.

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You can consult or download the information sheet which offers brief explanations about the room, canvases, objects and furniture exhibited in.

Information Sheet - Dining Room PDF