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The museum houses other personal objects that belonged to Joaquín Sorolla and his family, some of great interest such as paintbrushes, palettes, boxes of paints and other utensils of his profession. There are also medals awarded to the artist at national and international fine art competitions, national and international awards and honours, and smoking items.

The metalwork collection is varied in nature, featuring swords, lighting, photograph frames, silverware, ancient coins, etc.

There is a relatively small glass collection which includes some classical items (1st century AD), as well as typical vernacular glass items made in Granada, Catalonia and Guadalajara, in addition to more elaborate examples of Venetian glass and a representative group of pieces made at La Granja and datable to the mid-18th to late 19th centuries. More modern items include examples by Louis Comfort Tiffany and imitations of Art Nouveau glass made in Bohemia.

For more information on these collections, please consult the online catalogue. Searches can be made by introducing the title of the work, the subject or the iconography. For a more specific search, introduce the inventory number of these collections in the general search tool:

  • Metalwork collection, inv. nos. from 75001 to 75109.
  • Coins and medals, inv. nos. from 20160-20190, 20271 and 20273 to 20287.
  • Glass, inv. nos. from 50001 to 50052.

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