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Strolling along the Seashore

1909Salto de línea Oil on canvasSalto de línea 205 x 200 cmSalto de línea Nº inv. 834

The large format, daring composition and expressive freedom shown by Sorolla are a sign of the artist’s great success.

With a slight downward point-of-view, he removes the horizon and creates the water and sand through long blue, mauve and turquoise green brushstrokes. The breeze is perceived through the undulating dresses and the crepe trims intensify the impression of momentary fleetingness in the scene. As is common in Sorolla’s work, the “photographic framing” contributes to this with the frame cutting off the sun hat of one of the figures.

The work falls in the genre known as ‘elegant strolls’, showing two well-off people approaching the seashore.

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