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Sorolla’s paintings comprise the largest and most representative part of the collection. There are large and medium-size pieces, as well as a great number of small ones which Sorolla called “colour notes” and painted for practice or fun.

Sorolla worked in all genres, but particularly everyday life scenes, of which his beach scenes – which brought him the most fame - stand out.

The collection comprises 1,294 works by Sorolla himself. It is entirely catalogued and photographed. There are also 164 works by other painters, such as Aureliano de Beruete, Anders Zorn, and Martín Rico Ortega, all included in the online catalogue.

For more information on these collections, please consult the online catalogue. Search for an item by introducing the name of the work, the subject or the iconography. For a more specific search, introduce the inventory number of these collections in the general search tool. These numbers run from 00001 to 01484.

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