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Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

Busto de Joaquín Sorolla pintando

Mariano Benlliure Gil (1862-1947)



70 cm x 98 cm x 58 cm

Nº de inv. 20053

This bust by the prolific sculptor Mariano Benlliure depicts Joaquín Sorolla at work painting. Wearing an ample, unbuttoned artist’s coat, in his left hand he holds a large palette while with his right he mixes pigment with a brush. On the front of the pedestal is the coat of arms in relief of the Hispanic Society of America in New York.

When creating this portrait Benlliure, who was a close friend of Sorolla, focused on the face, with its knitted brow and concentrated gaze. The result is an extremely lifelike depiction that reflects the perseverance and passion with which Sorolla engaged in his work.

The bust is a replica of the one sculpted by Benlliure in 1918 as a commission from M. Archer Huntington, founder of the Hispanic Society and one of the first patrons of the Museo Sorolla. Huntington donated it to the museum on its inauguration in 1932 with the intention that it be installed in the third garden, where it can still be seen today under the pergola.

The Hispanic Society of America houses two more replicas of this work, one in bronze and the other in marble.