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Among the art collections which enhance the house there is a small but representative one of sculpture. While not particularly large, it offers a succinct overview of this artistic discipline from Antiquity to Sorolla’s own day and with a particular focus on Spain.

The origins of the collection are largely unknown: some works were gifted to the painter, some were exchanges between Sorolla and other artists, and others were purchases made by the artist himself.

The museum houses examples from classical Antiquity, including the Roman figure in a toga in the garden, Medieval religious sculpture, and works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The largest group, however, comprises works created during Sorolla’s lifetime. Many are by his friends, including Benlliure, Capuz, Blay and Clará.

The museum also houses a considerable number of works by his daughter, the sculptor Elena (Helena) Sorolla García. In addition, there are pieces by foreign artists of this period, such as Troubetzkoy and Rodin.

The sculpture collection comprises 289 works and is entirely catalogued, photographed and accessible online.

For more information on these collections, please consult the online catalogue. Search for an item by introducing the name of the work, the subject or the iconography. For a more specific search, introduce the inventory number of these collections in the general search tool. These numbers run from 20001 to 20330.

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