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Documentary archive

Texto manuscrito de Sorolla

Our documentary archive preserves a wealth of historical documentation. The most significant core of the archival collections is Sorolla’s correspondence. A large part of this is of a personal nature, mainly letters between Sorolla and his wife, Clotilde. There are also numerous letters from people with whom Sorolla corresponded, such as the painter Aureliano de Beruete, the writer Blasco Ibáñez and the tycoon Archer Huntington. There is also documentation on the construction of the house and on various domestic matters, among other topics.

The letters from Sorolla to Clotilde have been published:

- Epistolarios de Joaquín Sorolla, II. Correspondencia con Clotilde García del Castillo, 1911-1919,ed. Víctor Lorente Sorolla, Blanca Pons Sorolla and Marina Moya, Barcelona, Anthropos, 2008.

- Epistolarios de Joaquín Sorolla, III. Correspondencia con Clotilde García del Castillo, ed. Blanca Pons Sorolla and Víctor Lorente Sorolla, Barcelona, Anthropos, 2009.

Sorolla’s correspondence with his great friend Pedro Gil Moreno de Mora has also been published.

- Epistolarios de Joaquín Sorolla, I. Correspondencia con Pedro Gil Moreno de Mora, ed. Facundo Tomás, Felipe Garín, Isabel Justo and Sofía Barrón. Barcelona, Anthropos, 2007.

A large part of the archives has been catalogued and will be added to the digital catalogue in stages. Until this work is complete, the Museum is making available to researchers a list of the people and institutions with whom the painter Joaquín Sorolla corresponded.

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