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Niños nadando desnudos en Jávea

In addition to its paintings and drawings, the Sorolla Museum is home to a diverse collection of sculptures, furniture, ceramics, glass, textiles, and various objects which were a part of the daily life of the painter and his family.

A large part of the collection can be viewed through the digital catalogue. The museum is working to increase and improve access to the collections.

The catalogue lets users search at different levels of granularity, from a general search using one field to combining several filters for a more refined search.

Terms that can be entered in general search include generic terms (“painting”, “furniture”, “glass”, etc.), object names (“table”, “fan”, etc.), techniques (“gouache”, “polychromy”, “cast”, etc.) or names of works, if known.


Example: introducing the term “moon” (or “luna”, in Spanish) in the general search, will find all the records including this word, including paintings, drawings or sculptures in which the moon is represented, or any items that include this term in their title or in the description, such as moon-shaped earrings, photographs by Juan Ruiz de Luna (if searching in Spanish), etc. The same applies to any other term. Searching for “chair” in the general search will find all records with this term. If you wish to find records relating only to this piece of furniture, select the field search option and enter “chair” in the ‘object/document’ field.