Online catalogues

General Catalogue of the Museo Sefardí. CER.ES

Digital catalogue of the Museo Sefardí, integrated into the Digital Network of Museum Collections of Spain (, which brings together information and images of a significant selection of the cultural goods belonging to the Museum’s collection.
It allows general and advanced searches.
Free access.

Spain and Europe, a common project

Online catalogue created by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in the context of the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
The catalogue introduces us to knowledge of multiple perspectives on this common European history and heritage, emphasising primarily those manifestations belonging to Hispanic history and culture that go beyond the Iberian Peninsula and which had a particular impact on the rest of the continent.

Google Arts & Culture

Digital catalogue created by the Google Cultural Institute, which shows a selection of the most emblematic pieces of the various participating museums and institutions.
It presents a set of high-resolution images of works of art displayed in various museums around the world, as well as a virtual tour of the galleries in which they are found.


Open-access European digital library, which brings together already digitalized contributions of renowned cultural institutions of the 27 member states of the European Union. Its collection includes books, films, paintings, newspapers, sound archives, maps, manuscripts, and other archives.

Jewish heritage network

Network of institutions of Jewish cultural heritage, which involves more than thirty Jewish museums, libraries, and research centres, mainly in Europe, but also in Israel and the United States.