Concerts and performing arts

Music is an indisputable part of the Sephardic and Jewish cultural heritage as well as of culture in all its variants. The museum makes the most of dates such as the World Day of Music and the summer months to encourage knowledge of the sounds and rhythms of the Jewish tradition, as well as to discover new musical styles, hosting shows of different genres and styles.

Performing arts such as dance and theatre, among others, are also part of our programme. All activities are free and open to all of the public.

If you would like to present your artistic/musical project, contact us by writing to or if you would like to consult our history of performances, visit our agenda.

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Cursos y conferencias

Courses and lectures

As part of our dissemination and educational activity, we run various lecture programmes:

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The Museo Sefardí provides free workshops that seek to show and highlight the value of various aspects[PED1] of Jewish and Sephardic culture, seeking its origins, its history, how we understand the culture today…

This is done from various perspectives, through which we aim to foster your skills, abilities, judgement, and creativity, through workshops involving writing, cooking, calligraphy…

You can consult everything we have done and what is planned in our agenda (choose Workshops in the type of event).

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Yaller Yehuda Levi

Yehudá ha Leví contemporary creation workshop

The Yehudá ha-Leví contemporary creation workshop is a transversal programme of activities that the museum develops annually in homage to this Jewish poet who wrote part of his work in Toledo at the start of the 12th century, as well as to other writers and creators of the same historical context, whose cultural legacy is one of the Museum’s main assets, symbolising the values that we wish to transmit as a cultural institution.

The activities within this programme seek not only to recover the Jewish cultural tradition but also to unite this cultural heritage with reflection, cultural debate, and new contemporary artistic trends. Thus, cinema, theatre, dance, poetry, and music – among other performing arts – are fundamental parts of this programme.

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Talleres inclusivos

Inclusive workshops

We want to advance in the aim of achieving the most accessible and inclusive museum possible, for which we have an annual programme of inclusive activities adapted to functionally diverse groups, such as tours of our tactile stations, sensorial visits, visits in sign language, activities of music therapy and body expression…

If you are part of an association of people with disabilities and would like to request an adapted visit, you can get in touch with us by writing to

If you would like to consult inclusive activities for all audiences, visit our agenda.