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Physical accessibility

The Museum of Romanticism provides a special entrance with wheelchair access for people with reduced mobility, located on Calle Beneficiencia, 14. The Museum also has a lift which can accommodate wheelchairs. Visiting the Museum can be done normally as doorways are of the necessary width.

The Museum provides 4 wheelchairs, which can be requested, if necessary, at the ticket office.

Sensory accessibility

The Museum has a number of free facilities available for visitors with hearing or visual impairments:

Audio guides with audio descriptions: an information system with descriptions of each room that allows blind and visually impaired visitors to fully enjoy their visit to the Museum.

Sign guides: these are PDA devices that allow visitors with hearing impairments to enjoy the contents of the Museum through sign language and/or subtitles.

Magnifying lenses: lmagnifying lenses are provided for visitors with visual impairments to help them read texts and signs during their visit.

Induction loops: these are amplifiers that convert sound into magnetic waves and improve the hearing of people who use hearing aids or have cochlear implants. The Museum has a number of these available at the visitor information desks.

Guía del Museo con pictogramas

Guía del Museo con pictogramas

En esta Guía encontrarás información práctica y una propuesta de recorrido, expresado en pictogramas.

Glosario adaptado

Glosario adaptado

Os proponemos un Glosario con conceptos relacionados con el Romanticismo y con algunos de los objetos que encontraréis en esta casa-museo.