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Cultural mediation

In order to promote new ways of communicating with visitors and making the contents of both our collections and temporary exhibitions available to the public, the Museum offers various types of mediation, including individualised advice for visitors, a regular programme of guided tours and materials available for self-guided visits. All these resources aim to help the visitor learn about the criteria that guide the layout of the collection and to broaden the possibilities for reading it.

Taller en fachada del museo


Here you can purchase items related to the Museum's collections, as well as a range of our publications (collection catalogue, short guide, temporary exhibition catalogues, etc.) as well as books specialising in Art and Museum Studies.

The opening hours of the shop are the same as those of the Museum.

ContactSalto de línea /983 998 617

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Service Charter

The Service Charter summarizes the commitments made by the Museum to provide top-quality access to the services it offers. It includes the Museum’s rules and guidelines, as well as the rights of users and the tools available to them for submitting complaints and suggestions.

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The Museum's library is a research space specialising in Spanish and European art, focusing on sculpture from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

Considered the first Spanish library specialising in sculpture, it currently has more than 25,000 documents. The bibliographic and documentary collection is made up of informational resources linked to the contents of its collections, the bibliographic holdings from the former National Museum of Artistic Reproductions, as well as documents on related subjects such as museum studies, restoration and preservation, among others.

Located on the second floor of the Villena Palace, it is open to researchers and professionals upon prior request. As a member of the BIMUS Network of Museum Libraries, its collections are integrated in its unified online catalogue.


biblioteca.museoescultura@cultura.gob.esSalto de línea Telephone: 983998633/983998623

Rules of procedure of the library