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Improve your visit

Escultura del Laocoonte en pleno proceso de embalaje

If you have little time

If you are passing through or have other plans; if you are a rushed visitor that wants to see the most important works in a short time frame, you cannot lose those essential ones.

If you prefer to plan yourself the visit

If you are one of those who opt for get a deeper knowledge about the works; if you need document yourself for a future visit; if you want to remember what was explained about them… Do not lose our sections of resources or check our catalogue.

If you come with your family

And you plan the visit with your children; then they will undoubtedly like adventures and myths of some saints and will also like to see how perfect wood figures can be extracted from a tree.

If you keep a incredible memory of your first visit

Check the change that the works have experienced in the new exhibition. You will like the reconstruction of the building but always preserving its respectful coexistence between the historical monument and modern architecture. Moreover, you will be allowed to stop in the rest areas and even in the garden.

If you like history and art

You will find something else to what is usual in other art museums. It is a global museum of sculpture which encompasses its richest and most varied phases with a perfect visual summary of the mythical structures shared by the Christianity and the ancient religion (parallelism of Christ/Dionysus, Eva/Nereid, angels/Bacchus).

If you prefer the great Classics

Take advantage of this opportunity to see centennial replicas of ancient classics all gathered; a brief of the masterpieces shared in the main museums around the world: from Laocoonte to Discobolus; from portraits of El Fayum to the mask of Agamemnon.