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Courtyard of the College of San Gregorio

Patio de Colegio de San Gregorio

The main section of the Museum is housed in the restored College of San Gregorio, one of the most emblematic buildings of 15th-century Spain. This building's beauty and uniqueness make it a delightful alternative and special place to celebrate any event.

The highlight of the large, two-level, central square courtyard of the College is the decorative Plateresque stonework and the excellent condition it is in. The courtyard is partially covered, and is an open space making it ideal for holding presentations, receptions, photo shoots, cocktail parties, concerts, and similar events.

Located near the Museum's entrance is the Patio de Estudios (Study Courtyard), reminiscent of the classic simplicity of a Roman atrium.

Together they cover an area of 740.91 m² and can accommodate 370 people.

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