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Use of spaces

congreso en la capilla del museo

Organising a professional meeting, taking part in a private tour of the exhibition or enjoying a concert are some of the experiences that the National Museum of Sculpture makes available to the public.

The following spaces are available for this purpose:

In all cases, the activities carried out in our spaces must be in line with the nature, mission and vision of the Museum. Applications must be submitted at least one month in advance in order to be properly assessed and processed.

The carrying out of any external activity in spaces belonging to state museums is subject to the payment of public fees regulated by the Order of the Ministry of the Presidency of 18 January 2000, updated annually by the General State Budget Law.

The amount of the fee in each case will depend on the floor space of the requested area and the number of hours of use, to which costs involved with filming, requests for additional security and private museum visits, among others, will be added.