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The Museum

detalle de escalera

The National Museum of Sculpture: a museum for the 21st century

This Museum is a century-old institution that preserves and shares with the public the most original, representative and extensive collection of Spanish sculpture. It stands out for its rich heritage collection of religious art sculptures from the 13th to 18th centuries, as well as the addition (since 2011) of copies from the now-defunct National Museum of Artistic Reproductions.

The Museum is an open place, accessible to everyone, which wishes to offer the visitor a stimulating, welcoming and different experience. At the same time, it is committed to preserving its history and making visible the distinctive personality that arises from the collection, the harmony between artistic content and architectural structure, the Museum’s unique history and in the modern, dynamic approach of its programmes.

Its fundamental task is to bring the arts and culture closer to society as a whole, stimulating openness and cooperation so that all kinds of audiences (both in-person and digital) find this to be an environment that supports enjoyment, learning and reflection, a space where they can interpret the past and address the concerns of the present.

The Museum is also designed to be a place for the dissemination of knowledge, open to new critical, interdisciplinary and contemporary readings, combining scientific rigour and creative imagination to the highest standards.

Finally, it aspires to occupy a leading place on the national and international museum scene. To this end, it aims to raise its profile both in Spain and abroad, encouraging cooperation and exchange with other museums and research centres in the field of sculpture, the arts and museum studies.

You can read here our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan .