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Museum for everyone

The Museum is continually advancing in its social commitment by offering spaces and activities that are increasingly accessible to audiences with diverse needs. We design content specifically for groups at risk of social exclusion, as well as for people with physical or intellectual disabilities. Our offerings are constantly evolving; for this, we count on the assistance, help and collaboration of entities, associations and specialised groups that allow us to direct our activities towards new areas that support diversity, integration and a welcoming spirit.

romper el círculo

Breaking the cycle

Children and young people in vulnerable situations

The Museum becomes a tool for the social integration, through art, by children and adolescents with fewer opportunities. We are here to help make culture accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances.

Furthermore, in a cross-cutting manner, our proposals will seek to make the problem of child poverty visible and raise awareness of it in society as a whole. All our initiatives are carried out with the indispensable collaboration of public institutions and NGOs specialising in social inclusion.

Free activities. More information:


Art and health

Art therapy

Works of art are aesthetic elements that delight our senses. The shapes, colours and lines present in sculptures and paintings serve to inspire ideas and help us to reflect and feel, helping us leave our encounter with the Museum transformed. Contemplating the works, talking with other people, participating in the creative activities that we offer - always reviewed by specialists - make culture and the collection into tools that help us take care of ourselves, both personally and collectively.

We reach out to paediatric hospital classrooms and schedule events in collaboration with healthcare institutions that creatively support physical, mental or social recovery.

Free activities. More information:

arte al alcance de la mano

Art at your fingertips

Individuals with visual disabilities

Through the use of various three-dimensional resources and through a tactile tour based on a selection of works from the Museum, different aspects related to sculpture will be explored: the qualities of the materials, the tools and techniques that make their transformation possible and, of course, the stylistic features that define the collection's great masters.

During the different temporary exhibitions held by the Museum, specific visits will also be made with the support of an educator who will provide oral information on the most outstanding works on display in the galleries.

Free activity for groups of visually impaired visitors. For individual visitors, our App has specific accessible content. More information:

ELE-m Spanish Language Education at the Museum

Migrants with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language

The ELE-m programme uses the Museum's spaces - and the collections it houses - as an educational resource for the acquisition of communication skills and the basic vocabulary necessary for the cultural inclusion of people in the process of integration into Spanish society.

We provide teachers with an attractive, different learning space and offer the support of the centre's educators, who will adapt the visit to the educational and cultural context of each group.

Free activity for migrant and refugee groups. In collaboration with public institutions and NGOs. More information: