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Educational work

The Museum, as we envision it, should be a place for exploration and free learning. A lively, direct relationship with works of art stimulates creativity and critical thinking, encourages interest in artistic expressions and promotes respect for cultural heritage. These are some of the principles on which the educational activities of the National Museum of Sculpture are based.

Emotion is culture

On-site visits for schoolchildren

We want to reclaim face-to-face activity as a fundamental part of learning. In our halls, concepts and abstraction take shape in wood and gold, in gestures and forms. Words become sculpture, teaching becomes experience. Emotions arise from the unexpected.

The visits we offer bring teachers and students into groups guided by our educators, where we seek to encourage the active participation of students by sharing ideas and observations about the works in our collection. Depending on the course and the age of the participants, the routes are adapted to each educational level: Pre-school + primary education and Secondary school .

Free admission. Further information in or 983 250 375


Digital educational workshops for schools

A programme of virtual meetings aims to maintain active contact between the Museum and the educational community. Technological advances give us the opportunity to provide continuity and enrich educational programmes in schools. Moreover, thanks to the flexibility offered by digital channels, we can avoid the constraints imposed by the physical space and expand the visit to the Museum to new places, with the prospect of enjoying the activity as a preliminary step to an in-person visit in the future.

Through Connections, we open our doors to the world. Regardless of the place of access, it is possible to adapt a guided tour to the different education levels of the students, according to the following proposals: Primary Education + Lower Secondary Education and Lower Secondary Education + Upper Secondary Education/Vocational Training

Still learning

Adult education

Lifelong learning is one of the fundamental priorities of the Museum's educational work. Through dynamic tours of our collection, we try to make it accessible using simple language that incorporates references to everyday and current affairs, so that anyone is able to take in the concepts that form the backbone of the exhibition discourse and make up the identity of our works.

You can learn about everything that we keep inside the imposing walls of the College of San Gregorio and the House of the Sun through our offerings.

Free activity for adults belonging to cultural associations, neighbourhood associations, senior citizens' centres, etc. More information:


Diversified readings from the collection

The Museum's stable collection is less permanent than it may seem. Stories that deserve to be told are constantly unfolding in our halls. Invisible threads connect our works with past and present realities, in a perpetual parade in which art and history continually intermingle.

For this reason, the Museum periodically renews its schedule of thematic visits and transversal readings, offering timely information on the latest developments through our activities newsletter.