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The Library specialises in ceramics and decorative arts, with wide-ranging collections in a number of other fields, including art history, literature, history and museology.

The Library’s mission is to provide information and documentation not only to staff at the Museum, but also to researchers, academics and the general public.

It holds over 30,000 monograph volumes and 1,400 periodical publication titles. It includes an antiquarian book collection from the 16th to 19th centuries.

The library has expanded its bibliographical collection in order to keep it update and to allow any interested user to consult it in its facilities. Consult here Nueva ventanathe catalog of the latest acquisitions.

The library recommends some of its books to expand the bibliography on art and museums among children and Young audiences. Consult here Nueva ventana

Discover the origins of the Library. Nueva ventanaSalto de línea




National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts "González Martí" Library

C/ Poeta Querol, nº 2

3rd floor

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 14:00, by appointment: e-mail


The Library forms part of the Museum Libraries Network (BIMUS). The joint catalogue for libraries of state museums is available online.

National Museum of Ceramics Library catalogue Nueva ventana

Digital collection of the Museum library Nueva ventana

Museum Libraries joint catalogue Nueva ventana


There are 12 seats in the reading room, which makes the ceramics collection freely available to its users.

There is a terminal for accessing the Library’s automated catalogue, in addition to the catalogue for all BIMUS network libraries.

Basic rules for querying funds PDF


The Library provides a service to the public both in person and by email, regular post or over the phone. It provides information on how the Library is organised, on its own resources and on resources at other libraries and documentation centres.

Contact: e-mail


The Library uses inter-library loans in order to be able to provide its users with access to other centres’ publications that are not held by the Library itself. The Library may at the same time lend its collection to other libraries.

This excludes the lending of works of reference, periodical publications, and old or rare books, or those whose conservation condition may be affected by handling.


It is possible to obtain reproductions of books, pamphlets and periodical publications. Copies are subject to the prevailing legislation regarding intellectual property.

Users should request permission from Library staff to obtain photocopies, PDF files or to take their own photographs. A form is available to request reproductions.

The Library reserves the right to decide upon the most suitable reproduction medium in accordance with the conservation condition of the document, and assumes no liability for use of photocopies.