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This section provides a tour of the Museum’s history, explaining how it came to be created, together with its successive extensions and changes up until the present day.

It thereby provides information on the building housing the Museum, the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas, from its Gothic-era origins in the 15th century until the present day, explaining how the building has been passed down to us in its familiar, present form.

Other than that, it also provides information on the compilation of collections, starting with the personal collection of González Martí, the small acorn from which the Museum grew, with reference to the most significant purchases and donations in the different sections that its collection comprises.

Lastly, reference is made to the Museum’s founders, Manuel González Martí and Amelia Cuñat Monleón, who were central to its history.

Historia del museo y Manuel González Martí (1877-2017)

Descarga la línea del tiempo publicada con el motivo del 140 aniversario del nacimiento del fundador del museo, Manuel González Martí (1877-1972), y del 70 aniversario de la creación del museo en 1947.

Línea del tiempo 1877-2017. Castellano PDF

Línea del tiempo 1877-2017. Valenciano PDF