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Education and cultural action

Grupo de personas en el museo

The Education and Communication Department is responsible for all actions directed towards the visiting public and society in general.

  • Organization of cultural and educational activities
  • Temporary exhibitions. The museum organizes exhibitions that deal with themes relating to the artefacts of the museum: principally ceramics and decorative art. Some of the exhibitions are organized in collaboration with other museums and institutions and are mobile. One of the museum’s specific lines of temporary exhibition is contemporary ceramics, both collections and individual pieces. The museum commits in this way to support and publicise contemporary ceramics.
  • Educational activities fordirected at students.
  • Concerts organised with the “Asociación de Amigos” (Friends Association) or the “Asociación Orquestra” (Orchestral Association) and the “Coro del Palacio de Dos Aguas” (Palace of Dos Aguas Choir)
  • Workshops
  • Guided tours
  • Lectures
  • In addition to these activities, the museum participates in the celebration of international events, such as the Night of the Museums, International Museum Day (18th May), International Women's Day (8th March) and the Day of Music (21st June).
  • Provision of support material for visitors
  • Implementation of the service charter
  • Audience research: the monthly and annual number of visitors, the number of group visits, socio-demographic features, visit expectations and evaluation etc. are examined.

All this information is available for reference at:

  • State museum visitor figures Nueva ventana: retrieving data on visitor numbers per year by month each year in all state museums
  • Museum Visitors’ Permanent Laboratory Nueva ventana (Laboratorio Permente de Público de Museos): this tool was created within the General Subdirectorate of State Museums, whose aim is to carry out a study and ongoing research into members of the public visiting state museums. As a result of the actions taken between 2008 and 2009, a report has been published entitled Getting to know our visitors. Public study of Ministry of Culture museums (2010). Through this first study we have been able to gain an insight into the socio-demographic profile of our visitors, forecast visits (frequency, expectations and reasons for visiting) and their relationship with their leisure style, how they visit and the impression the visit has on them.