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Registration and Filing

The Documentation Department handles the registration of new pieces that are entered and deposited in the museum. In the museum the logbook of the Permanent Collection is divided into 5 sections, one section for each type of collection.

  • Section One: Ceramic
  • Section Two: textiles
  • Section Three: sculpture, furniture, objects, furniture
  • Section Four: painting, drawing and graphic arts
  • Section Five: numismatic

The tool used for document management is DOMUS, an integrated documentation and museum management system developed by the Ministry of Culture for the catalog and management of cultural property held by museums.

This department is working to improve access to their collections through its website. Today you can see a first selection of digital catalog consists of 323 museum collections and 406 digital images of them, who make up a representative sample of 26209 funds inventoried museum and will be added gradually to the catalog.

Management of movements

The documentation department is responsible for the control of movements of parts of the museum, both internal and external movements. Most movements occur as a result of loan parts to other cultural institutions for temporary exhibitions.

Photo service

Since this service is carried out the management, control, maintenance and proper storage of the photographic archive, and the corresponding dump to DOMUS and attention researchers, curators and students who want to take pictures of photographic archive for your publications, exhibition catalogs, etc.