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The Museum Library specialises in scientific publications about pottery and the decorative arts, and also contains important collections concerning art in general, bookplates, history and archaeology.

It holds over 25000 volumes and 1100 periodical publication titles. It includes an antique collection dating back to between the 16th and 19th centuries.

The Museum Library’s mission is to provide information and documentation not only to staff at the centre, but also to external users.

There is also an automated catalogue, which you can use for on-site as well as online reference.

Access to services and the library catalogue.

History and collections

The origins of the National Pottery Museum Library lie in the personal library of Manuel González Martí, a collector and the founder of the Museum. When he donated his collections to the State in 1947, both his reference library and his archive became part of the Museum. It consists mostly of art and art history monographs, and documents on the history of Valencia.

The bibliographical collection has grown through successive donations, among them the library of Mario Blasco in 1963. It comprises 3000 volumes and 41 periodical titles, which provide a good representation of Valencia’s history via the work of its chroniclers, and includes a significant number of literary works. Of particular note is the presence of works by Mario’s father, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, along with the author’s work for the Prometeo publishing house.

In 1967 the collector Agustín Arrojo donated not only his collection of engravings and bookplates to the Museum, but also the library that he had accumulated, specialising in bookplates, art and bibliophilia.

The Library exchanges the Museum’s publications with over 300 specialist institutions publishing works on the field of pottery and decorative arts.