Souvenir fan

Souvenir fan

Inv. Nr: CE2/00534

This folding fan has wooden trapezoid-shaped ribs with a slightly wavy exterior. The first and last ribs of the fan are plain and similar to the rest. A braided ribbon decorated with blue and pink flowers joins them all together. The rosette design and the ring are metallic.

At the front, the fan has a printed picture, commemorating Valencia’s Regional Exhibition of 1909. In it is a group of young women on the left, and one is carrying a basket of fruit, products of the Valencian region. On the right is a man with wings on his head, representing Hermes, god of commerce, holding out a laurel wreath to the woman, which is a symbol of triumph. Behind him is a female figure with wings who is wearing a classical tunic; a reminder of the allegory of victory. This scene takes place on a beach, with the sea and dawn in the background. On the lower part of the fan we can see the flag of the Valencia region, and the inscription regarding the event for which the fan was made. The rest of the ribs are decorated with floral motifs painted pink and blue with opaque watercolours. The fan was made by Vicente Climent.

The museum has a ceramic decorative object with the same motif, which was to be used over various commemorative objects of the event.

Piece not on display.