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Saint Vincent Martyr

San Vicente Mártir

Inv. No. CE4/00261

This painting on canvas shows Saint Vincent Martyr, the patron saint of Valencia. In keeping with his traditional iconography, he is dressed in a deacon’s robe and bears a palm leaf as a symbol of his martyrdom. In the background there is an X-shaped cross and by his feet there is a millstone. Both of these items refer to the way the saint was martyred. The simplicity of the composition, along with the striking image of the figure emerging from a dark background and the lighting contrast, are all characteristics of 17th century naturalism. This allows us to date the painting to around the first third of the 17th century. This painting shows an oval shaped face with a stereotypical expression. The fact that it lacks the expressive force which is typically seen in the work of Espinosa indicates that it is not by him, as was previously believed.

The cool colour scheme is another indication that it does not belong to Espinosa, as he was renowned for using warm and earthy colours in his paintings.

This painting came from the monastery of Santa María de Benifassá.

Item displayed in the Antechapel, first floor.