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Wedding Plate

Wedding Plate, Manises

№ inv.: CE1/01996

This flat plate with polychrome decoration shows a bride and groom in the centre, surrounded by matching pieces of bridal decorations such as the ornamental comb of a Valencian headdress, earrings, hair-pins and other pieces. It is part of the “vajillas idílicas” (‘idyllic tableware’), a term created by González Martí to refer to wedding plates decorated with the trousseau of a Valencian bride. They are also known by the Valencian name "plat de demaná" ("bride's engagement plate"). It is one of the more traditional and high-quality pieces of Manises china. It presents a large part of the bride’s trousseau – not only her jewellery, but also her clothing and the kitchen items she would bring to the marriage.

In the 19th century, Manises experienced a revival of its ceramic production, this time brought on by the success of its popular china. The men supervised production by preparing the clay, moulding, turning and firing it, whilst the women were in charge of freehand decoration. It is notable for its vivid polychrome and simple motifs and designs.

On display in the Sala de cerámica de Manises del siglo XIX (19th Century Manises Ceramics Room), second floor.