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Plate with a hunting scene

Plato con escena de caza

Nº inv.: CE1/15241

This ceramic plate with four lobe-shaped corners and uneven edges has a white tin glazeing and polychrome decorations. It dates from 1740-50 and comes from the Royal Factory of Alcora.

In the centre of the plate there is an illustration of two hunters, a woman and a man, chasing a hare. They are surrounded by four dogs also chasing the prey. The characters are wearing clothes typical of the mid-18th century. The man is wearing knee-length trousers and a buttoned dress coat with wide pleats on the sides. His hair is tied up in a ponytail and he sports a black tricorn. The woman is wearing a skirt and a long dress coat, as well as a black tricorn with a feather in it. They are both armed with a shotgun and carry a bag of gunpowder, which hangs off their clothing or is attached by a ribbon, as in the case of the woman. She is aiming the gun directly at the hare that is fleeing in front of her.

The background is decorated with motifs of branches, birds and insects that are typical of the Chinese genre of the Alcora production. This series is characteristic of the factory’s second period (1742-98). This item belongs to the Laia-Bosch collection acquired in 2008 by the Ministry of Culture for the National Ceramics Museum. The collection is made up of a total of 100 items from Alcora, which are of a great technical and decorative quality.

On display on the third floor (Laia-Bosch collection).


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