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Panel: Serving Nougats and Chocolate

Panel: Serving Nougats and Chocolate, Valencia

№ inv.: CE1/00803; CE1/00804

This polychrome tiling on a creamy white tin background depicts two servants, one male and one female, and a duck, hung by its legs. The woman wears typical 18th-century dress and is carrying a tray of sweets. The male servant wears a wig, knee breeches and a frock jacket. He carries a tray of chocolate bowls, one of which has fallen over. The panel originally decorated the pilaster of a kitchen, from which two other pieces were recovered. Fully-tiled kitchens are a Valencian invention, dating back to around 1770, in the Rococo period. The panels are made to specific dimensions and can be adapted to the area for which they have been created. They usually depict scenes of everyday life such as food preparation, its delivery, and tend to finish with the serving of turrones (traditional Spanish nougat) and chocolate to welcome guests. This was an important part of Rococo gastronomy. Turrones and, in particular, chocolate were popular among the bourgeoisie, nobility and clergy. Therefore, this panel does not represent modest cooking but the affluence of the upper classes. The panel was manufactured by a Valencian factory and dates from the late 18th century.

Not on display.


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