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Panel: Rural Scene

Panel: Rural Scene, Valencia

№ inv.: CE1/00531

This is one of seven pieces of tiling. This piece shows six people sat around a table having a picnic. Two women and one black servant wait on them. In the background there are plants and large towers. A leafy border and a grapevine surround the scene. The other pieces show scenes of grazing, hunting, a port, music and dancing as well as decorative fragments with floral motifs. The banquet theme is not exclusive to tiling, since it was also used in cooking scenes. The museum also displays a plinth showing a similar image. In terms of style, this collection could be from the transitional period into Neoclassicism. It is a style that took Valencian tiling by storm towards the end of the 18th century, thanks to the Disdier factory in Valencia. Typical of this period was the desire to imitate the easel paintings of large figurative scenes by discarding pure decorative elements.

Not on display.