Tile Panel

Tile Panel, Valencia

№ inv.: CE1/00326

This wall-support panel is composed of 66 polychrome and six medium-sized tiles. It has been painted freehand and depicts a hunting scene in a lakeside landscape: a man can be seen fishing by one of the lakes and, by the other, a hunter is shooting at a herd of deer. In the background there are buildings, a tower, a church, and a shepherd. Plant and rocaille elements frame the scene.

The painting was made using the stencil technique, in which charcoal is applied over cardboard with a perforated drawing on it.

Tile production in Valencia thrived in the 18th century. In the 16th century, traditional Castilian tile makers settled in Valencia region, which prompted the industry’s development in the following century and its subsequent commercial takeoff from around 1710-20. This piece comes from the late 18th century, a time characterised by the Rococo-style hunting and gallant themes and rocaille-style flower decorations.

On display in the Courtyard, first floor.


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