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Terra Sigillata bowl

copa de terra sigillata

Nº inv.: CE1/03191

This bowl, with two handles, made from a mould, is coated in a bright red slip and its entire surface is decorated. This type of piece is called the terra sigillata because of the stamp or sigillum that usually identifies them.

Its origin and creator are shown by the signatures of the potters or slaves that made the piece.

The decorations were made from a pressure mould and depict animals, garlands, mythical persons and gladiators. The manufacture of this type of ceramics began in the middle of the 1st century BC, originating from Arezzo and Puzzoli in Italy, and spread all the way to Spain and the South of France. This piece dates from the Julius Caesar period (14-37 AC) and comes from a workshop in the south of Gaul.

On display in the Sala de las Culturas (Cultures Room), second floor


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