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Shaving Bowl, Ribesalbes

shaving bowl

№ inv.: CE1/06486

This barber’s bowl has a polychrome decoration on a white tin background. The stylised architecture of the central scene depicts plant motifs, while the rim is decorated with small floral motifs. This piece dates from the first half of the 19th century.

The ceramic production in Ribesalbes, a village close to Alcora, began in the 18th century when the workers who left the Count of Aranda’s factory in Alcora settled there and set up their own business.

The first person to do this was ceramist Jose Ferrer. The director of the Alcora factory soon took measures against this new competition and in 1784 demanded that every piece be marked according to its origin, with ‘A’ being the mark for Alcora. However this did not prevent pieces from being forged. The pieces made in Ribesalbes shamelessly copied those of Alcora, even marking its pieces with the ‘A’ of Alcora, as in this piece. With time, the Ribesalbes factory began to establish itself by combining the style of Alcora and the spontaneity of Manises, as in the case of this piece, which is made in a more popular style and similar to the pieces of Manises.

Nevertheless, there are some features unique to Ribesalbes, such as the green tone and the way in which some plant elements are treated more freely and less schematically than in Manises.

On display in the Sala de Alcora (Alcora Room), first floor.