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Margarita de Prades' heraldic tile

Azulejo heráldico de Margarita de Prades

Nº inv.: CE1/00685

This 15th-century heraldic tile was the symbol of Queen Margaret of Prades, the second wife of King Martin of Aragon (also known as Martin the Humane). The King married her after first being widowed in 1406 by Maria de Luna, the Lady of Paterna and Benaguasil, followed by the death of his only son and heir to the throne, Martin the Younger in 1409, who was also King of Sicily. Thus, Margaret of Prades became the final Queen of the dynasty of the House of Barcelona, and the woman responsible for giving the King a legitimate heir. However, the King died a year later without a new heir.

Queen Margarita was the daughter of Pere, Count of Prades, and Joanna of Cabrera, both of the highest nobility. Her father was a direct descendant of James II of Aragon (known as Jaime el Justo) and Blanca of Anjou. For this reason, Margaret’s shield depicts the bars of Aragon and the lilies of Anjou with a staff.

The tile was found in the building that now houses the Museo Nacional de Cerámica (National Museum of Ceramics), previously the palace of the Rabassa de Perellós family, the Barons of Dos Aguas since 1596 and the Marquises since 1699. Its presence in the palace thanks to Ramón de Perellós, who was very close to the Queen, and the identification of its heraldry was discovered by the Museum’s founder, Manuel González Martí.

On display in the Sala de la cerámica arquitectónica medieval (Medieval Architectural Ceramics Room), second floor.