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Museum policy on acquisitions and loans

By way of its acquisitions policy, the Museum aims to build upon and enrich its collection of exhibits and documents, as well as to fill gaps in its collection. The programme for building on collections focuses on four aspects:

1. The history of Spanish ceramic

2. Valencian decorative arts

3. González Martí

4. Ceramic today

In adherence to these guidelines, acquisitions will be made in the following fields:

Ancient ceramic

Within this scope the Museum highlights a number of sets requiring extension in order to provide a comprehensive overview of ceramic at the Museum. These include medieval Valencian lustreware, Al-Andalus earthenware, Alcora earthenware, Spanish tiles or earthenware from Spanish 19th and 20th century ceramics, as well as serialised porcelain.

Contemporary ceramic

It is hoped to build up a collection representative of contemporary ceramic manufacture mainly in Spain, but also abroad, through the purchase of items and predominantly through donations.

Decorative arts

Furniture, clothing, jewellery, precious metals, glassware, etc.

Items associated with González Martí

Personal items, painting, graphic arts, bibliographic collections associated with the González Martí period.

The Museum also accepts the loan of items by individuals and by other institutions. Some noteworthy loans at the museum include:

  • 1282 items of Paterna medieval pottery in green and manganese on loan from Valencia City Council.
  • The Cortina collection, on loan from Valencia City Council, consisting of 266 items, most of them tiles
  • 69 items of Hispano-Islamic pottery on loan from Benetússer Council