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Collection increase

The National Ceramic Museum derives an enormous sense of pride from its Valencian roots, thanks to the many donations it has received over time. It should be pointed out that the centre always endeavours to complete collections with gaps in them, or to have pottery from other parts of Spain represented, besides Valencia.

The core collection of the Museum comprises pottery, part of the furniture and other items from the founder. During the years when Manuel González Martí was in charge of the Museum, he undertook the enormous task of attracting works through donations, bequests or loans, although he did not restrict himself to collecting pottery items, but also covered fields such as clothing, painting, bibliophilia, graphic arts, sculpture, furniture, etc. This was the reason behind the adopting of the name National Museum of Ceramic and Decorative Arts on 9th October 1969, pursuant to Decree 2,517/1969.

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