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The online catalogue of the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts "González Martí" allows access to museum collections and 323 406 digital images of them, who make up a representative sample of 26,209 inventoried cultural property, which will be added to the catalogue progressively.

The collection is quite heterogeneous due in part to the personality and taste as a collector of museum founder, Manuel González Martí. Ceramic collections are the core, with over 14,800 funds, mainly Valencian ceramics: Paterna, Manises and Alcora. The catalogue also includes a significant selection of collections of furniture, clothing, coins, painting and graphic art museum.

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DOMUS is an integrated documentation system and museum management developed by the Ministry of Culture (General Office of State Museums and General Branch Technologies and Information Systems). This is a software application for the catalogue and management of cultural property held by museums.

The catalogue information and digital images of the museum's collections are displayed to the public through this website, and are already part of the Digital Collections Network of Museums of Spain.