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Patronage and Sponsorship

The state museums administered by the Ministerio de Cultura (Ministry of Culture) strive to involve individuals as well as institutions and businesses in their different functions and activities. There are various ways of collaborating with the museum. The main forms of patronage and sponsorship Nueva ventana are as follows (the museum’s functions and activities can be explored in greater detail in the Organisation section):

  • Acquisition and donation of cultural artefacts
  • Restoration and preservation
  • Research and documentation
  • Broadcasting
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Publications
  • Activities for the public
  • Architecture and equipment


Sponsorship consists of a donation from individuals or private businesses, of cultural assets which are of interest to the museum’s collections or any donations which will help achieve the museum’s objectives and goals.

Business Patronage

Private businesses can collaborate with the museum and participate in its development, as detailed above through financial support to specific projects.

The collaboration between the museum and the private organisation is made official through an agreement with the Ministerio de Cultura (Ministry of Culture), in accordance with the established Ley 49/2002, de regimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentives fiscales al mecenazgo (Spanish Law 49/2002, on Tax Exemptions for Non-profit Making Organisations and on Sponsorship).

In return, businesses enjoy certain benefits:

  • Tax deductions commensurate with investment.
  • Visibility of contributions. The museum is committed to making public the participation of its collaborators in its activities, and the link with the cultural and public sectors that the museum represents.
  • Other benefits as specified in the agreement, such as the availability of museum spaces for specific activities.