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The Orchestra and Choir Association of the Palace of Dos Aguas

The Orchestra and Choir Association of the Palacio de Dos Aguas (Palace of Dos Aguas) was created in December 2009, with the aim of strengthening the museum’s relationship with music, and the idea of running the orchestra and the museum simultaneously.

The creation of the Association also stems from the relationship that the city of Valencia has with music, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. There are hundreds of musical societies across the whole community, many of which have been in existence for centuries and give our country a unique musical tradition.


President: José Manuel Palau Sala

Aims of the Association

  • To set up a permanent body particular to the National Museum of Ceramics to link the activities of the museum with music and take advantage of the facilities of the palace.
  • To offer an annual concert series of productions of high artistic quality, involving professional conductors, soloists, musicians of high standing and with careful staging.
  • To disseminate the work of Valencian composers by holding concerts throughout the year.
  • To promote the careers of young up-and-coming Spanish Musicians, through their admission to the orchestra as collaborators.
  • To collaborate with all the existing musical institutions within the Valencian community: official conservatoires, schools of music, etc., therefore allowing exchanges with orchestras attached to other museums, both national and international.
  • To promote institutional relations with museums and/or palaces comparable to the National Museum of Ceramics, with their own orchestras, to hold concerts at these museums’ venues and to invite orchestras from elsewhere to the museum.


The association and the museum organise an annual concert series with concerts every month, held in the museum’s ballroom, generally on the last Monday of each month.

Programmes of past concerts are found in the Activities section.